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Natural Resources Commission creates new nature preserve

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The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) at its meeting Tuesday in Indianapolis approved the creation of a new nature preserve, Perfect Lake Nature Preserve.

The action increases to 289 the number of state-designated sites protected by the Nature Preserves Act.

Perfect Lake Nature Preserve comprises 84.05 acres in Steuben County near Fish Creek. The majority of the property occupies a prominent esker (a long, narrow steep-sided gravel ridge) that offers great vistas over the lake. The upland forest is relatively young pioneer to early successional mesic forest. About 25 percent of the property consists of Perfect Lake and adjoining wetlands. It is owned by and under the administration of ACRES Land Trust.

The NRC also considered 13 citizen petitions regarding Fish & Wildlife rules. Among them:

--The NRC recommended adding Ruffed Grouse to the state’s list of endangered birds in 312 IAC 9-4-14. As a result of the NRC’s decision, the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) will present rule language for preliminary adoption of this change at a future meeting. In the meantime, the Ruffed Grouse hunting season, which has been suspended since 2015, will continue to be suspended.

--The NRC decided not to allow the use of 28 gauge and .410 shotguns and shot smaller than number 7 1Ú2 for wild turkey hunting.

--The NRC decided not to create an all-season antlered buck license and an all-season antlerless deer license.

--The NRC decided not to start spring wild turkey season earlier in April.

--The NRC decided not to allow the use of a crossbow by means of compressed air (an air-bow) to hunt deer in Indiana during the entire archery season. Instead, the NRC recommended moving forward with an administrative rule for these crossbows that use compressed air to be used in the firearms season only.



Posted 9/19/2019




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