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Indiana Wildlife Federation opposes Mounds Reservoir; deer farm hunting

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The Indiana Wildlife Federation (IWF) at its 2014 annual meeting approved two policy resolutions supporting the “commonsense conservation” of wildlife and wildlife habitat in the state.

According to a statement released this week, IWF opposes the construction of the proposed “Mounds Reservoir” near the headwaters of the White River in Anderson, and urges all members to express their opposition as well.

“Damming the White River as proposed would inundate approximately 10 miles of high quality, free flowing river and nearly 1000 acres of adjacent, forested lands,” the statement said. “Several valuable wetlands areas would be destroyed, including the entire Mounds Fen State Nature Preserve, which shelters this rare habitat type and is currently protected by state law. One-third of Mounds State Park, featuring a nationally recognized cultural site, would also be flooded. Constructed around 160 BCE by indigenous peoples of eastern North America, the ceremonial mounds area was inhabited by the Hopewell culture centuries later.”

IWF also adopted a second policy resolution, this one intensifying its long-standing opposition to the shooting of deer in fenced enclosures:

* It calls on the state to prohibit the importation and exportation of live deer (cervids) and their carcasses, reproductive materials, and unboned meat.

* It recommends the protection of monetary funds authorized for the Department of Natural Resources to manage wildlife, specifically prohibiting the diversion of such funds to control disease outbreaks in captive deer.

* It urges the state to require all deer farms to participate in the now voluntary herd certification program administered by the Indiana State Board of Animal Health.

* And it urges the state to require captive deer operations to erect double eight-foot fences to prevent the escape of diseased animals.

“This revised policy stresses the importance of protecting Indiana’s wild, free-ranging deer herd from chronic wasting disease (CWD) and bovine tuberculosis and to allow them to be enjoyed by all Hoosiers,” the statement said.

IWF--an affiliate of the National Wildlife Foundation--was founded in 1938 and is involved in state and regional education and advocacy for conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat.


Posted 6/27/2014