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DNR use decoy deer to crack down on hunters shooting from vehicles

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The last few days of the 2003 deer firearms season went out with a bang for nine people charged with shooting a law-enforcement decoy.

According to a statement released Tuesday by the Law Enforcement Division of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, DNR officers deployed a full-body deer mount with a robotic head and tail after receiving reports of people shooting from vehicles or from the roadway. The decoy, with moving head and tail, gives the appearance of a live deer and, as Conservation Officer Shawn Brown put it, “enables us to get the violator, the decoy, and the officer in the same spot at the same time.”

“These people are lazy,” Brown added. “Instead of getting out in the cold and hunting like you’re supposed to, they take the easy way out and ride around in a vehicle, then either shoot from the vehicle or stand in the roadway and shoot. Not only is it lazy, it is very dangerous.”

All nine people were charged with hunting with the aid of a motor-driven conveyance, shooting from a roadway, and shooting a law-enforcement decoy. Additional charges were filed in some cases, including a federal charge of possessing a firearm whose serial number had been removed. In addition to paying fines and court costs and possibly serving jail time, each person must pay a separate fee to repair or replace the decoy after shooting it.


Posted 12/3/2003