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Two Democrats to vie for Scott Pelath's open 9th District seat

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With only 10 days before the filing period ends for the primary election on May 8, a contested race has emerged in the open 9th District seat in the Indiana House.

Two Democrats have filed declaration of candidacy in that race: Duane Perry and Patricia A. (Pat) Boy. That seat is currently held by State Rep. Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City, who is not seeking re-election.

At the moment, there continue to be only two contested primary races in Porter County, both for the nomination for Coroner: Republicans Thomas Ampeliotis and Cyndi Dykes will vie for their party’s nomination; and Democrats Dale Bagnall and Randy Wilkening for theirs.

The filing period ends at 12:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 9.

The filings to date:

County Races

* Sheriff: David M. Reynolds (D-incumbent).

* Clerk: Jon C. Miller (R); Miller is currently the incumbent Recorder.

* Auditor: Vicki Urbanik (D-incumbent); Karen Martin (R).

* Assessor: Jon Snyder (R-incumbent).

* Recorder Chuck Harris (R); Lily M. Schaefer (D).

* Coroner: Thomas Ampeliotis (R) and Cyndi Dykes (R); Dale Bagnall (D) and Randy Wilkening (D).

* County Commissioner, Center District: Jeff Good (R-incumbent); Donna Perdue (D).

* County Council, 1st District: Andy Bozak (R-incumbent); Bob Poparad (D).

* County Council, 2nd District: Jeremy Rivas (D-incumbent).

* County Council, 3rd District: March “Coach” Hoffman (R). Greg Simms (D).

* County Council, 4th District: Mike Jessen (R-incumbent).

* Prosecuting Attorney: Brian Gensel (R-incumbent).

* Porter Superior Court Judge No. 2: Jeffrey W. Clymer (R-incumbent); Clay Patton (D).

* Porter Superior Court Judge No. 6 Jeffrey L. Thode (R-incumbent).

State Legislative Races

* House, 9th District: Duane Perry (D), Patricia A. (Pat) Boy (D). The incumbent, State Rep. Scott Pelath (D), is not seeking re-election.

* House, 4th District: Ed Soliday (R-incumbent).

* House, 10th District: Charles “Chuck” Moseley (D-incumbent).

* Senate, 4th District: Karen Talian (D-incumbent); Cole Stultz (R).

U.S. House

U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D-1st, has filed for re-election.

Republicans David Dopp, Mark Leyva, and John Meyer have also filed.

Township Races

* Jackson Township Trustee: Janice Meyers (D-incumbent).

* Jackson Township Board: Judith L. Guernsey (R-incumbent) and C. Diane Bates (D-incumbent).

* Liberty Township Trustee: Beth A. Underwood (R-incumbent).

* Liberty Township Board: Tim Cole (R-incumbent), Terry E. Dunn (R-incumbent), and Jacquelyn M. Sterling (R-incumbent).

* Pine Township Board: Joe Wagner (D).

* Westchester Township Trustee: Suzanne Philbrick (D-incumbent).


Posted 1/31/2018






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