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Six Republicans in primary for 1st District seat in U.S. House

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Seven Republicans are seeking their party’s nomination for the seat in the U.S. House currently held by U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D-1st, who is not running for re-election.

The sheer number of candidates in this race makes the Chesterton Tribune’s favored form of candidate coverage--the detailed questionnaire--impractical. Instead, the Tribune has compiled thumbnails of each candidate based on information provided on his campaign website.

The Tribune was unable to find a campaign web presence for one of the candidates: William “Bill” F. Powers.

Spencer T. Lemmons

Police officer, Hammond, Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps. Positions include the following.

Labor: “I will ensure that all Hoosiers will have the right to seek gainful employment if they desire. However, the free-rider problem cited by those against right-to-work are not solved by the mandates of the federal government.”

Social Security: “The government should not be trusted with your hard-earned tax dollars. The only solution for all Americans, from millennials like myself to senior citizens, is to (1) either privatize the industry, or (2) give the money back to the taxpayers.”

Energy: “The solution to addressing the rapidly expanding energy debacle rests in trusting the free market to offset government involvement in the matter. As we continue to expand on drilling for oil domestically, the nation should not ignore the potential in utilizing other available resources like natural gas.”

Immigration: “It is our responsibility to set out a commonsense process for immigrants to take on a path to citizenship. We need to emphasize the importance of becoming a citizen for those who immigrate to the United States.”

Healthcare: “Approaching the issue with an emphasis on the free-market is the best solution to the healthcare crisis in the United States.”

Mark Leyva

Self-employed carpenter. Positions include the following:

Patents: “The Orwellian America Invents Act and multiple Supreme Court rulings have gutted the patent system for small inventors and startups causing the loss of hundreds of tech jobs in Gary.”

Family: “It is the foundation of civil society, and the cornerstone of the family is natural marriage, the union of one man and one woman.”

Social safety net: “This is the progressive pathology: keeping people dependent so that government can re-distribute income. The result is 45.8 million people on food stamps and 77 million on Medicaid, plus another 5.7 million in the Childrens’ Health Insurance Program. This is the false compassion of the status quo. We propose instead the dynamic compassion of work requirements in a growing economy, where opportunity takes the place of a hand-out.”

Education: “We support options for learning, including home-schooling, career and technical education, private or parochial schools, magnet schools, charter schools, online learning, and early-college high schools.”

William “Bill” F. Powers.

No campaign web presence

Delano M. Scaife

Deputy, Lake County Sheriff’s Police. Bachelor’s, business management, Purdue University, Master’s, public administration, DePaul University. Mayoral Fellow, City of Chicago. Positions include the following.

Social issues: “Having a moral compass to protect religious liberties, advocating pro-family initiatives, and defending the sanctity of life makes me a strong leader to fight for what is right. I support the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution for all law-abiding Americans. Due to the heinous acts of others, having effective screenings, background checks . . . will aid to make a safer Indiana.”

Education: “I support ‘School Choice.’ We should not infringe on parents/guardians’ decision for providing their children with the best education opportunity possible.”

Healthcare: “I will fight (for) and support initiatives to maintain a quality healthcare system at a lower cost to taxpayers. . . (M)aking pharmaceutical companies more transparent and incentivizing the use of generic drugs when medicinal patents expire will help bring down the cost of healthcare.”

Taxation: “From the rising cost of living expenses it is not fair for a Hoosier to sacrifice long hours at work to make a living for their family and miss precious moments with their family. I will protect Hoosiers’ hard-earned tax dollars.”

Dion Bergeron

Long-haul trucker for 10 years. Correctional officer, Indiana State Prison, for seven years. Real estate broker. Positions include the following.

Infrastructure: “Investment in infrastructure and rail lines continues to be a necessary priority. Dion will work with NICTD (South Shore) and the highway departments to improve the commute to and from Chicago, as well as reduce congestion on our interstates.”

Healthcare: “Dion Bergeron supports enacting legislation to help seniors and the disabled with the burden of healthcare. He supports help with Medicare premiums, vouchers, or other programs that will help to offset the high costs of caring for our aging population. . . . Simple changes like the addition of Deductible Security and Transparent Price Tags would save us $2.4 trillion per year in healthcare costs.”

Gun control: “So what’s the real story behind gun control? You may be surprised. Gun control has a long history of racism. The figures touted by those in favor of gun control are often skewed and misrepresented. When only the government is armed, the people have no defense against it. Instead of learning facts, gun control advocates use incorrect and misleading terms and are wholly unfamiliar with the reality of weapons.

Mont Handley

Military police officer, U.S. Army. Degree, Purdue University. Founder, PittMoss LLC. Positions include the following.

Second Amendment: “I strongly and consistently support the Second Amendment of our Constitution. I acknowledge citizens’ right to keep and bear arms and will work unequivocally to ensure that our right to do so will not be infringed.”

Right to life: “I support the right to life, both for unborn babies and for the mothers giving birth. It is imperative that we are aware of this issue as it pertains to various other bills moving through our government, including Medicare for All, which I oppose.”

Trade: “When our national security and the health and well-being of our citizens are affected by our dependence on foreign operations, we must reconsider our supply chains and reinvigorate domestic manufacturing. It is time to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.”

Immigration: “I support a secure border, our national sovereignty, and an immigration policy based on merit and willingness to contribute to the betterment of our society. It is utterly unsustainable to permit individuals to come to the United States and become dependent on government programs.”

The environment: “Preservation of our environment will not be achieved by a carbon tax that is sent to an international agency promising to solve the crisis. However, I strongly believe that we must be good stewards of our land, our water, and our air.”


Posted 5/18/2020




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