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Secretary of State candidate Jim Harper blasts state Lake County precinct plan

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Following a Lake County delivery from the Secretary of State of the state's latest precinct-level local government mandate, Democrat Secretary of State candidate Jim Harper and Indiana Democrat Party Chair John Zody released the following joint statement:

“This process was broken at every turn,” Harper said. “First, the legislature singled out Lake County to mandate new precinct maps, then they gave an Indianapolis politician the power to resolve a problem of their own making,” said Harper. “The plan released by the Secretary today imposes yet another barrier to the ballot box by dividing common communities and forcing voters to travel greater distances to vote at their polling locations.”

“The plan released by the Secretary today makes it harder for Hoosiers to vote,” Zody said. “With one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country, Indiana should be implementing measures to improve voter turnout, not reduce it. However, the Secretary’s action makes it more inconvenient for Lake County voters to cast a ballot. While the plan does not take effect until next year, we will be working diligently with leaders in Lake County to be sure Hoosiers know where to vote when they go to the polls in 2019.”



Posted 8/2/2018




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