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Porter County voting gear passes public test

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In advance of the start of early voting on April 10, Porter County Clerk Karen Martin and Election Board President David Bengs conducted a public test of the election equipment on Friday.

The test took place in the storage room near the entrance of the Porter County Administration Building's parking garage, where the Election Systems and Software machines are stored year-round. Dennis Rzepka, an account manager with ESS, was present to help test the machines.

Rzepka said state law requires that the County test a sample of at least 5 percent of the machines. Porter County usually tests 10 percent. The group laid 12 ballot readers out on tables and tested them one-by-one. The 12 machines tested are from a group of 123--one machine for each precinct--Rzepka said.

Bengs and Martin scanned dummy ballots through each machine and checked to make sure the results reflected the markings on the ballots accurately. The machines all passed the test.



Posted 4/9/2018




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