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'Medicare For All' march Monday, July 24 in Valpo

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On Monday, July 24, supporters of Medicare for All will march in Washington DC and cities across the country. In Northwest Indiana, the march will be at the Porter County Courthouse in Valparaiso, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. CST, and will feature speakers from the medical, disabled, and union communities.

Medicare for All's time is now. That's the message of Marching for Medicare for All, a nationwide, grassroots movement coming to Northwest Indiana that endorses passage of H.R. 676, the “Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act.”

“The perception is that Medicare for All is some far left, crackpot idea,” said Julie Storbeck, President of Northwest Indiana NOW and Hoosier Women on the March. “But that's just not true.”

Citing a recent YouGov poll she added, “The truth is, 40% of Trump voters support Medicare for All. Trump voters! When two-thirds of Liberals and 40% of Trump voters agree on something, that's significant. When they agree on health care, that's mind blowing.”

“National Nurses United, Physicians for a National Health Program, American Medical Students Assn., National Association of Social Workers, the League of Women Voters, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the National Organization of Women,” Blue Valpo founder Candace Shaw listed organizations supporting HR 676, her fingers ticking off the names. “Should I go on?” She laughed. “I've got dozens more!”

Storbeck and Shaw are co-sponsoring the Porter County event through their respective civic organizations. Also sponsoring is Progressives in Action - NWI.

The pair agree that ObamaCare isn't collapsing so much as is our private insurance system. The ACA is part of that system.

“We can't keep putting bondo and bubble gum on a broken system that's costly and ineffective, but we don't have to start from scratch, either. We have Medicare and we know it works. All we need to do is make it work for everyone, and HR 676 does that.” said Shaw.

“We can learn from the mistakes of the past and start looking at health care from a different perspective. Do you want the person who serves your food in a restaurant or the child playing with your child on the playground to have access to health care? Or do you want them walking around with some untreated contagion? HR 676 ensures that everyone has the same and better access to affordable health care that our seniors now enjoy, and it improves senior care.”

“Sure, we'll need to tweak it as we go along,” added Storbeck “We've tweaked Medicare since it was passed in 1965. This is a very well thought out bill that addresses the questions we've been hearing from folks.

“For example, it allows Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription prices. That's huge right there. It adds dental and vision, which is important when you think about how dental problems lead to heart problems. It streamlines Medicaid and CHIP for more cost savings. It provides mechanisms for different health care providers to talk to each other.”

“What it doesn't do is carve out exemptions for special interest groups that want to protect their obscene profits. The system we have now is designed to deny care as a profit-saving measure. That's insane,” Shaw added.

The march will be held on Monday, July 24, from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Porter County Courthouse, 16 E Lincolnway, in Valparaiso.

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Posted 7/20/2017




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