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Indivisible NWI Chesterton discusses registering and organizing voters here

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There is more than one way to get the job done, seemed to be the consensus at the Indivisible NWI Chesterton meeting held at Thomas Library Tuesday evening.

Attendees shared their reasons for coming to the meeting including wanting to meet and be with like-minded people, wanting to be a good citizen and curiosity about the group. Updates were provided on local activities in Chesterton. Members started the process of getting clarification and approval for doing voter registration and education in the public parks and this will be acted on at the August 1 Park Board meeting. At the regional level, a series of voter registration training meetings are planned for July.

Special guest Helen Boothe led a discussion of grassroots organizing. Younger voters are often more attuned to social media and attention is being given to that. However, the personal touch through door to door canvassing is still effective. While Indivisible does not participate directly in party politics, its members are encouraged to become involved in their local precincts, including becoming precinct committee persons.

“Precinct committee persons should know the people in their precincts and become the person they turn to when they need something from their government,” Boothe said. The discussion prompted discussion on options for how concerned citizens may want to act. Not everyone wants to go door to door. Some may help with a table at an event. Others might make phone calls or give folks a ride to the polls.

Letters to the editor can be very effective and members were encouraged to use this forum to share their ideas and concerns. Indivisible NWI-Chesterton meets the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 at Thomas Library, 200 W. Indiana Ave., Chesterton.



Posted 7/20/2017




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