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Indiana Secretary of State, State Board of Accounts and State Police investigating Porter County election snafus

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The Porter County Board of Commissioners has issued a press release giving an update on independent investigations of the handling of the 2018 general election in Porter County.

Results for the 2018 general election in Porter County were delayed by three days in what Commissioner Jim Biggs, R-North, termed “a total, absolute breakdown of the process.”

The election was plagued with issues that included 13 polling places not opening on time on Nov. 6, poll worker complaints, and alleged poll worker errors and chain of custody violations resulting from an alleged lack of proper training.

The text of the release in full:

“To assist the public in understanding how elections are supposed to work in Porter County, the Commissioners’ Office has prepared a summary that explains the roles and responsibilities of the various boards and elected officials that are involved in the election process as defined by state law. It will be a surprise to many of our citizens that the Board of Commissioners and County Council have very limited authority in the election process. Instead, the process is primarily driven by boards appointed by the Republican and Democrat County Chairs.

“The summary, titled “The Election Process: Roles & Responsibilities” can be viewed and/or downloaded at this link: document can be viewed at this link:

“The Commissioners’ Office has also been advised that an independent investigation into the Porter County general election breakdown has been launched by the Indiana Secretary Of State’s Election Division in coordination with the Indiana State Police and Indiana State Board of Accounts. The Commissioners’ Office will fully cooperate with the Election Division, State Board of Accounts and State Police, including providing complaints, emails and other correspondence received that pertain to the election, and urges all other officials to do the same.

“Commissioners’ Office will refrain from any further comments about the investigation while it is pending unless specifically requested to do so by the Election Division.”


Posted 12/14/2018




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