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Election board adds Duneland referendum to May 7 ballot

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The Porter County Election Board approved the inclusion of the Duneland School Corporation referendum question on the 2019 primary ballot at a meeting Friday.

The wording of the question, which Duneland voters will see either during early voting or on Primary Day, Tuesday, May 7, is as follows:

“For the seven (7) calendar years immediately following the holding of the referendum, shall the Duneland School Corporation continue to impose a property tax rate that does not exceed twenty-two cents ($0.22) on each one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed valuation for the purpose of funding and maintaining the current educational and operational programs including student safety and building security, compensating teachers and staff, maintaining class sizes and any other educational or operation needs of the School Corporation? The tax rate requested in this referendum was originally approved by the voters in the Duneland School Corporation in 2012.”

DSC will foot the bill for holding elections in Towns that don’t have a contested race and unincorporated areas. DSC Attorney Charles Parkinson said at the meeting that DSC is prepared to reimburse the County for those expenses. Bailey doesn’t yet have an estimate of that cost.

Jackson Township Trustee Jan Meyers spoke at the meeting to ask how DSC voters from unincorporated areas will vote. “Voters, I feel, have the privilege to vote in their respective areas,” Meyers said.

Porter County Clerk Jessica Bailey said some polling places will be consolidated, as the referendum is the only question on the ballot in certain areas and some communities voting on the referendum have no contested races.

Bailey said residents of unincorporated areas in the District won’t have to leave their Townships to vote, though they might not vote at their usual places. Voters will be notified by mail if their polling places change.

Dunelanders can also vote early at the usual spots starting April 9.

15 of the County’s 46 approved polling places for the municipal primary this year will be in Duneland. The County will need 306 pollworkers to staff all 46.

Election Board Attorney Monica Conrad said it is the responsibility of the respective party chairmen to recruit pollworkers and submit their names to the Clerk by noon on March 22. Precinct committeemen are supposed to gather names and submit them to party chairmen. The Clerk is tasked with finding more workers if this method falls short.

Bailey said those interested in working the polls can contact their party chairman, or call the Clerk’s Office at (219)465-3450. Voters can also visit the Porter County Democrat or Republican party websites for information on working the polls.

2019 Duneland polling places

The following are the polling places, by township, for the 2019 municipal primary election in Duneland, per the Porter County Election Board’s approved list.

Jackson Township

Jackson Elementary School, precincts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Liberty Township

Liberty Intermediate School, precincts 1, 2, 5, and 6.

Faith Memorial Church, precinct 3.

Whispering Sands Community Building, precincts 4 and 7.

Pine Township

Beverly Shores Administration Building, precinct 2.

Brummitt Elementary School, precinct 1.

Westchester Township

First United Methodist Church, precincts 1 and 10.

Bailly Elementary School, precinct 3.

Chesterton High School, precincts 4 and 12.

Porter Town Hall, precincts 5 and 7.

Porter Fire Department, precincts 6 and 16.

Chesterton Town Hall, precinct 8.

Brummitt Elementary School, precincts 9 and 14.

Burns Harbor Town Hall, precinct 11.

Indiana Dunes/Porter County Visitor Center, precinct 13.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, precinct 18.

Westchester/City of Portage

Ethel Jones Elementary School, West. precinct 17.



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