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Tribune corrects errors in ISTEP story

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In Wednesday’s report of the 2017 ISTEP+ results in the Chesterton Tribune, the Tribune erred in reporting the school total for Liberty Intermediate School. It repeated the 6th grade total as the school total. The true results for LIS’ school total were 73.9% passing the English Language Arts portion, 77.6% passing the Math portion and 65.3% passing both.

Also, the percentage of 3rd Grade students passing both ELA and Math at Bailly Elementary should have been reported as 57.3%, not 57.5%, and the overall percentage of students in Grades 3-8 at Discovery Charter School should have been reported as 72.9%, not 72.6%.

The Tribune regrets the errors.

Below is the corrected chart of Duneland School Totals ranked:

Jackson Elementary: English, 82.4%; Math, 77.9%; passing both, 68.7%.

Westchester Intermediate: English, 72.5%; Math, 80.5%; passing both, 67.3%.

Liberty Intermediate: English, 73.9%; Math, 77.6%; passing both, 65.3%.

Brummitt Elementary: English, 69.2%; Math, 69.9%; passing both, 63.9%.

Yost Elementary: English, 71.9%; Math, 68.0%; passing both, 63.0%.

CMS: English, 72.2%; Math, 68.2%; passing both, 61.9%.

Liberty Elementary: English, 77.5%; Math, 68.3%; passing both, 61.8%.

Bailly Elementary: English, 70.4%; Math, 68.9%; passing both, 60.5%.

CHS: English, 70.3%; Math, 50.7%; passing both, 47.1%.



Posted 9/7/2017




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