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Liberty Intermediate Acting Club to perform WDSO radio play of 'Holes' Thursday

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Before all of this coronavirus started, our Acting Club at Liberty Intermediate School began writing a play based on the novel “Holes,” written by Louis Sachar. We were intending to perform it at both LIS and Chesterton High School, and while everyone in our club helped to write the manuscript while school was still in session, it was difficult to continue meeting during the pandemic.

When we realized we were not going back to school, we sent a letter to Mr. Sachar, the author, and he gave us permission to do a radio broadcast of “Holes.” From then on, we kept working on our scenes and giving people parts in Google Meet sessions. We would shoot at least seven scenes a day but sometimes even more! Being a part of it was like being part of a community.

And now the months of hard work have finally finished, and we would like to ask if you would listen to our production: at 8 a.m., again at 5 p.m., and once more at 8 p.m. Thursday, July 2, on WDSO, 88.3 FM.

Here is a sneak peak at “Holes.”

When a pair of tennis shoes falls into Stanley Yelnats’ hands, he thinks it’s his lucky day. Boy, is he wrong!

Maybe the curse on his great-great-grandfather Stanley Yelnats was real and carried over to THIS Stanley Yelnats. Just as young Stanley is walking home the cops arrest him, and he’s sent to Camp Green Lake for bad boys. Will Stanley be able to prove his innocence? Or is he doomed to dig holes in the desert for the rest of his childhood life? And what are they all digging for anway?

Listen to find out, at 8 a.m., 5 p.m, and 8 p.m. Thursday, July 2, on WDSO.

Our Acting Club’s first radio broadcast would not have been possible without several people. We would like to thank the author, Mr. Louis Sachar, who not only took the time to email us back but gave us permission to do a radio broadcast. He even told us it was a great idea! We certainly hope he keeps writing books for us to read.

The sound effects we used were free from the Soundsnap website.

Thanks to Mr. Guernsey, our principal, and the Duneland administration for allowing us to have our Acting Club. Thanks to the families who picked us up from school (when we were there and had our after-school practices). Thanks to those who helped write the script and attend practices, even if you couldn’t be on the broadcast.

Thanks to our two sixth-grade mentors, Mara Huneryager and Lila Miller, who helped fill parts. Thanks to Kira Lopez, who joined us as an honorary member.

Thanks to Mrs. Bridget Martinson for advertising help. Thanks to the Chesterton Tribune for promoting us. Thanks to Mr. Matt Waters at WDSO, who walked us through the recording process and helped lead us to Mrs. Janna Carney for technical support.

And finally a big thank you to Mrs. Petro for making this possible!

We appreciate the help of each and every member of the Acting Club, and we hope to show you an on-stage performance when school resumes. The cast:

-- Abby Courtright: Madame Zeroni, X-Ray, the Other Lady, the Voice, and Mrs. Morengo.

-- Emma Dobson: Myra, Zero’s Mom/Mrs. Zeroni, and Mrs. Livingston.

-- Alana Hernandez: Narrator, the Bus Driver, and Armpit.

-- Giacomo DePasquale: Stanley Yelnats, aka Caveman; the Warden; and the Captain.

-- Mara Huneryager: Elya, Zero, the Sheriff, the Attorney General, and Stanley’s Mom.

-- Kira Lopez: Twitch.

*Lila Miller: Mr. Pendanski, Squid, and Mr. Yelnats.

-- Jeremy Schmidt: Igor, Sam, and Charles.

-- Ashley Stansy: Miss Katherine turned into Kissin’ Kate Barlow, Zig-Zag, and Judge.

-- Catie Wellensiek: Magnet and Extra.

-- Brayden Woods: Myra’s Father, Police Officer, Mr. Sir, and Clyde Livingston.


Posted 6/26/2020




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