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Duneland students participate in 44th annual Porter County Arts A Budding

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The 44th annual Porter County Arts-A-Budding student art exhibit was hosted recently at the Chapel of the Resurrection, Valparaiso University Campus. This exhibit is organized through volunteer efforts of the Porter County Visual Arts teachers and is sponsored by the Porter County Arts Commission in cooperation with the Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso University.

This is an exhibit of the best artwork produced by students in grades Kindergarten-8th in Porter County.

Visual Art teachers from across Porter County selected the top 11 pieces artwork done by their students during the past year. The art works done by these students include various media such as drawing, painting, printmaking, fiber art, sculpture, pottery and computer graphics.

These honored students, along with their families and friends, were invited to the opening award reception this past Sunday at the University. At the reception, students were publicly recognized for their accomplishment by name and received a ribbon. Each year the talents and accomplishments of more than 400 participants are recognized. Arts-A-Budding gives Porter County students an opportunity to exhibit their work and be rewarded for artistic merit.

Duneland School Corporation students whose works were exhibited were:

Bailly Elementary: Riley Nowicki, Charlotte Morgan, Lydia Johnson, Roxanna Frey, Lizzy McGrogan, Mia Tsugawa, Aliya Boothe, Sloane Colburn, Logan Weaver, Adelyn Booras, Jazmine York.

Brummitt Elementary: Eshaal Ali, Jack Ciupak, Autumn Higgins, Austin Ressler, Colton Smith.

Jackson Elementary: Porter Blythe, McKenzie Cochran, Cole Gilbert, Jasmine Gutierrez, Declan Mayer, Claire Sutter.

Liberty Elementary:Alex Brown, Audrey Brown, Jackson Campana, Abby Courtright, Claire Eli, Celeste Schaefer-Murray, Madelyn Myers, Chloe Neuman, Audriana Roach, Levi Schott, Cole Santillan.

Yost Elementary: Lela Ragnone, Brady McWhirter, Mila Patterson, Alyssa Noakes, Cullen Hill, Morgan Millis, Isabelle Manns, Liam Juszczak, Madison Moore, Melia Albaugh, Eric Brenden.

Liberty Intermediate School: Breanne Walters, Anna Burton, Mallory Killosky, Gisele Persuhn, Olivia Lange, Elsa Gowan, Reese Kolasa, Kemorah Powells, Han Phan, Jany Zhang, Ava Bank.

Westchester Intermediate School: Emmalise Adcock, Alexia Levy, Joshua Tefteller, Makayla Erickson, Leila Watson, Karina Vasquez, Alaina McGrogan, Elsa Estridge, Kalista Aleman, Emma Kidd, Madi Nowinski.

Chesterton Middle School: Grade 7: Abigail Dennington, Riona Funderburg, Lindsay Goad, Emma Ioannidis, Ayla Johnson, Summer Machnik, Rosalie, Salentine, Rylee Schultz, Sydney Szabo, Grace Wolters, Katelynn Wyatt.

Grade 8: Abby Atrosh, Aidan Foley, Sam Goin, GiGi Hanner, Aryel Kuhl, Kylee Leidolf, Aubrie Li, JoJo Myers, Brianna Moore, Audrey Stricker, Amara Watkins.

Respective Duneland art teachers are Anne Long of Bailly, Susan Calkusic of Brummitt and Jackson Elem., Aubrey Rose of Liberty Elem., Jose Carrillo of Yost; Brooke Sutter of Liberty Intermediate; Cheryl Muller of Westchester Intermediate; and Jason Gast and Taylor Tice of Chesterton Middle.


Posted 3/13/2019




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