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CHS vs VHS Environmental Debate is Monday, March 18

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The 11th Annual Environmental Debate, hosted by the Valpo Chain of Lakes Watershed Group, will be held Monday, March 18, at 7 p.m., in the Porter County Administration Building.

Admittance is free and the public is welcome.

This fierce but healthy competition between Chesterton High School and Valparaiso High School debaters will heat up this year as the 11th annual environmental debate turns toward a topic which continues to dominate environmental, medical, and economic policies -- a meat-based vs. plant-based diet.

This year’s student teams will focus on the advantages -- and disadvantages - of consuming animals vs. plants as the main source of protein and argue about the impacts of each on our health, the planet's future and the economy.

The Chesterton team will argue in favor of vegetarianism whereas Valparaiso will defend meat eating.

Each year, the Valpo Chain of Lakes Watershed Group sponsors a high school environmental debate in order to provide entertainment, inspiration, and motivation to the general public on environmental issues. Goals are to build appreciation of the importance of debating environmental issues, to see both sides of an argument, and to recognize the talent of our student teams.

The students appreciate the chance to demonstrate their skills and move others to sharpen their own. Those who attend are reliably in awe of the abilities displayed by these award-winning debaters.

The event will be followed by a meet-the-debaters party at Greeks Pizza one block east of the debate location at 8 p.m. A 6:15 p.m. business meeting will be held prior to the debate. Admittance is free and the public is welcome.

For more information text or call Walt Breitinger at 219-477-7526.



Posted 3/13/2019






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