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CHS Debate team begins new season

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While many things are different, the students on the Chesterton High School debate team received a small dose of normal as they got their 2020-2021 season underway. The defending state champions competed virtually at the Concord High School tournament. Most of the team competed in Mishawaka while remaining in the hallways of CHS; while a few team members elected to compete from the safety of their own home. The team expects most of this year’s tournaments to be run virtually and the State tournament in January has already been announced as a virtual event. Speech and Debate director, Chris Lowery, has been attempting to look at the bright side of the new normal, saying that “virtual debate allows us to see a larger portion of our state competition without the challenges of travel.” The first tournament validated Lowery’s thinking as teams from Avon HS and Highlands Latin attended this event for the first time, and high schools from Los Angeles and Pittsburgh also participated.

While it was the smallest event in the field, Chesterton continues its dominance of policy debate. At the varsity level, the team of Milena Veltri and Mark Jewison were the only undefeated team and took first place. Ethan Dibble and Ryan Donovan came in second place and were closely followed by teammates Riley Hawksworth and Megan Nowka in third. Hattie Hoham and Gianna Galante placed sixth while Freedom Eiden and Jonathon McClure came in seventh. Chesterton swept the novice division with Sophia Worden and Ira Kashyap in first place, Brooke Hanson and Maya Dunkle in second, and Brayden Blouir coming in third.

Gretta Burke went undefeated and placed second in the varsity Lincoln-Douglas division while Nathan Osborn finished in ninth place with a 3-1 record. Katie Pampalone (4th), Megan Wilcox (5th), and Ruth Peske (6th) all got their debate careers off to an excellent start in the novice division. There were 24 competitors at the novice level, making this an extremely intimidating first tournament experience for Chesterton’s competitors.

In varsity Public Forum debate, the team of Sarah Sahli and Zander Fish put together a solid 3-1 record to get eighth place at the tournament. At the novice level the team of Katie Kygoske and Mitchell Miller came in fourth place at their first tournament.

Two Congressional Debaters placed via the judge competition. At the varsity level Peyton Day came in fifth place and Brody Gorski came in fifth place at the novice level. Savannah Hutchinson and Trina Gonzalez served as presiding officers for the Congressional tournament, ensuring that the meet was conducted efficiently and according to the rules.

Competing for the first time as members of the debate team were Connor Engels, Katie Koeppen, Michael Livovich, Kai Marten, and Summer Machnik.


Posted 10/13/2020




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