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CHS and CMS remote learning material pickup this week

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Chesterton High School students who have opted for the remote learning option will pick up their school materials starting with Wednesday.

The following dates and times are for those CHS students participating in the remote learning model only.

CHS students who have chosen the in-person hybrid learning model will receive their books and other materials when they attend their classes on the first few days of school.

Pickup times are 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. each day at CHS Main Entrance 1.

--Wednesday, Aug. 19: Freshmen

--Thursday, Aug. 20: Sophomores

--Friday, Aug. 21: Juniors

--Monday, Aug. 24: Seniors

Please note that students will be expected to wear a mask during the entirety of the checkout process. They must also bring an electronic device capable of reading a QR code; DSC issued devices or phones may work in this manner.

Students will walk their schedule and pick up the necessary materials outside of each classroom. Some materials may be located in the Main Office; if so, signs will be posted indicating that. Student schedules may be accessed on Skyward, or students may obtain a printed schedule at the time of pickup. Students needing to switch out electronic devices may do so in the library during these hours.

Students should be aware that some classes have multiple and/or cumbersome classroom materials. It is recommended that students bring an adult to assist, as well as a backpack or other bag to hold items.

Students will both enter and exit through CHS Main Entrance #1. Teachers will not be available during pickup.

CMS materials pickup Thursday and Friday

Chesterton Middle School will provide an opportunity for fully “remote” students to pick up textbooks and/or instructional materials that are required for some classes. Students can pick up textbooks/instructional materials on:

Thursday, August 20, from 2 -- 7 p.m., and Friday, August 21, from 9 a.m. -- 2 p.m.

Safety precautions

-- Students are limited to one parent/guardian.

-- ALL students, parents/guardians, and staff members must wear masks & practice social distancing.

-- Staff members will be wearing protective gloves.

-- Sanitizing stations will be available.

-- Students and one parent/guardian should enter through Door 2 (auditorium), located on the north side of the building on Morgan Avenue. There will be a sign outside this entrance.

-- Please check in at the reception table.

-- Pick up a hard copy of your child’s schedule.

-- Go to the East Gym. There will be signage to guide you.

-- In the East Gym, there will be tables labeled with the class subject.

-- Not all classes will have textbooks or instructional materials that need to go home with students. If there is a class on your child’s schedule with no designated table, that class does not have any physical materials that need to go home. That class has digital resources that the teacher will share with students later.

-- Students and one parent/guardian exit through Door 4.

If a student cannot pick up these items on one of the two designated days, he/she will need to call the CMS Main Office and set up an appointment to come pick them up. To ensure that students have their textbooks and materials prior to the start of school, please make every effort to come during the designated times for pickup.


Posted 8/18/2020




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