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Bats halt CMS reopening today

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In a strange turn of events, it was not the COVID-19 pandemic that put a hitch in the Duneland Schools reopening plan: it was a contingent of bats that have taken up residence inside Chesterton Middle School.

The Duneland Schools were slated to reopen in a hybrid learning model today, Tuesday, Aug. 25, so willing students could attend school in-person for part of the week in spite of COVID-19.

All schools did just that, except for CMS, which is closed today while the Administration consults with Shamrock Wildlife Removal and the Porter County Purdue Extension Office about removing the bats alive and cleaning up after them, Duneland Schools Public Relations Director Bridget Martinson told the Chesterton Tribune this morning.

“They just got in the wrong place, poor things,” Martinson said. She was not able to confirm exactly how the bats were discovered yesterday.

Parents were sent a message early Monday afternoon alerting them that several bats were found inside CMS, and CMS students would be participating in remote learning while the bats are dealt with. A determination about when to reopen will be made daily by 1 p.m., the message said.

At deadline today, Martinson was reporting that three bats had been captured alive and well. The total number of bats that have chosen the Duneland Difference for their learning experience, however short and dramatic it may turn out to be, is as of yet, unknown.


Posted 8/25/2020




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