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Record high 7 day total of new cases reported by County Health Department

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The Porter County Health Department reported on Saturday a new record high seven-day total of new COVID-19 cases: 160 for the week ending Oct. 3, compared to the old record of 140 for the week ending Aug. 15.

Last week’s 160 cases also represents the third consecutive week with rising case numbers: from 94 for the week ending Sept. 12, to 119 for the week ending Sept. 19; then 124 for the week ending Sept. 26; then last week’s 160

Meanwhile, the Health Department was reporting this morning 79 new COVID-19 cases over the last 72 hours (32 new cases on Friday), to bring the total so far to 2,384, up from 2,305 on Friday.

The Health Department reported 20 new cases on Saturday; 22 on Sunday; and 37 today.

Of those 79 new cases, 53--or 67 percent--were diagnosed in the younger demographics: 10 in the 0-19 (345 total); 12 in the 20-29 (463 total); 21 in the 30-39 (382 total); and 10 in the 40-49 (355 total).

To date, 345 cases have been diagnosed in children or teens, or 14.5 percent of all cases (14.5 percent on Friday). On July 7, only 39 children or teens had been diagnosed of the 765 total cases at the time: or 5.1 percent.

Meanwhile, one patient is currently hospitalized, down from four on Friday. Total active cases in Porter County, after subtracting 2,118 total recoveries and 49 total deaths: 217, down from 244 on Friday

A total of 119 COVID-19 cases has been reported in Porter County long-term care facilities, unchanged from Friday. Of those 119, 31 have died, 88 have recovered, and none is currently hospitalized. As of today, there were no active cases in the county’s long-term care facilities, unchanged from Friday.

No additional COVID-19 deaths were reported today. To date, 49 Porter County residents have succumbed to COVID-19.

Duneland cases by township:

-- Westchester: 298 cases (280 on Friday). Fifty-two active cases.

-- Liberty: 145 cases (143 on Friday). Nineteen active cases.

-- Jackson: 48 cases (45 on Friday). Five active cases.

-- Pine: 12 cases (unchanged from Friday). One active case.

Other townships:

-- Portage: 807 cases (788 on Friday). Seventy-one active cases.

-- Center: 632 cases (613 on Friday). Thirty-nine active cases. Center Township’s total includes Valparaiso University students.

-- Washington: 99 cases (97 on Friday). Four active cases. Washington Township’s total includes Porter County Jail inmates.

-- Union: 134 cases (129 on Friday). Eighteen active cases.

State cases top 125,000

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) was reporting this morning 3,351 new COVID-19 cases over the last 72 hours (1,495 new cases on Friday), to bring the total so far to 125,976, up from 122,640 on Friday.

ISDH reported 1,420 new cases on Saturday; 1,096 on Sunday; and 835 today.

ISDH was also reporting 25 additional COVID-19 deaths over the last 72 hours (13 additional deaths on Friday), to bring the total to date to 3,694, up from 3,669 on Friday.

ISDH reported 13 additional deaths on Saturday; five on Sunday; and seven today.

In addition, ISDH was reporting the highest number of hospitalizations in more than four months: 1,019. On May 31, ISDH reported 1,041 hospitalizations statewide.

Marion County was reporting today 22,340 cases (21,950 on Friday) and 769 deaths (769), the most in the state in both categories. Lake County was reporting 11,233 cases (10,985) and 330 deaths (327), the second most in the state in both categories. LaPorte County was reporting 1,687 cases (1,558) and 43 deaths (42).

The total COVID-19 death count includes both confirmed and presumptive deaths to date. Presumptive deaths are those for which x-ray, scans, and clinical symptoms all point to COVID-19 but for which no positive test is on record. A total of 227 presumptive deaths was reported today, unchanged from Friday.

Indiana School Cases

Meanwhile, ISDH was reporting today 303 new student cases statewide (1,992 total); 59 new teacher cases (406 total); and 79 new staff cases (447 total).

There were 811 schools with no reported cases; 944 schools with one or more cases; and 1,067 schools have not reported.


Posted 10/5/2020





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