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Not all the news is bad: CFD rescues ducklings from sewer

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The Chesterton Fire Department was johnny-on-the spot on Wednesday when a troop of ducklings fell into a stormsewer on Gateway Blvd. near the Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute.

"With the stay-at-home order lifted, this family was out and about but got stuck," Fire Chief John Jarka told the Chesterton Tribune.

Fortunately for Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, a passer-by heard the frightened ducklings quacking in the sewer and on investigation observed all six of the little ones huddled together--sheltering-in-place--in a corner behind a large concrete drainage pipe.

Mama Duck, at wit's end, "was protecting the drain when firefighters arrived," Jarka noted, "but then wandered off so B Crew could do their work."

Firefighters removed the grate, allowing Lt. Brandon Smith to lower himself into the stormsewer and gingerly lift each baby out of the gloom.

"Once all ducklings were safely out of the drain, Mom quickly returned and gathered up her family," Jarka was happy to report.


Posted 5/6/2020




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