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Mail subscribers: Contact Post Office if paper is late

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A sudden increase in complaints from Tribune subscribers outside the Duneland School District has prompted the need for a clarification on how Chesterton Tribunes are mailed out each day to subscribers across the United States.

The Tribune is a daily newspaper, published Monday through Friday. Papers are sent out each and every day, on the day they are published.

A mailing label is attached by hand to each mail subscription paper, and the papers are zip code sorted and bundled prior to being delivered to the Post Office.

The papers are delivered to the Post Office each day at 3 p.m. Payment for delivery of those papers is made in advance by federal law.

The Chesterton Tribune has no control over how and when those papers are delivered.

Customers who have delayed or undelivered papers or bills are advised to contact their local Post Office.

Similar delays in renewal notices have been reported by some local subscribers. Renewal reminders are sent out from this office 20 days prior to expiration of subscriptions.


Posted 8/19/2020




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