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Joe's Towing headed to Houston, asking for donations of bottled water

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Joe’s Towing Inc. is mobilizing to help the beleaguered flood victims of Houston.

And Dunelanders are being asked to do their part, by donating cases of bottled water.

Time is of the essence, however, as Joe Wagner, owner of Joe’s Towing, and a couple of his men will be leaving for Houston on Sunday morning.

Drop-off points for the bottled water:

* Joe’s Towing, 111 Waverly Road in Chesterton.

* Chelle’s, 211 Broadway in Chesterton.

* And from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 2, at the Taste of Duneland in Thomas Centennial Park, Downtown Chesterton. Look for the tow truck.

Wagner and his men will be taking a pair of rollback flatbeds and convoying to Houston with three other trucks from Wes’s Service Inc. of Calumet City, Ill., Wagner told the Chesterton Tribune today. And on their way they’re likely to be joined by a fleet of up to 100 towers from across the Midwest, in an operation coordinated by a tow firm in Ohio, on contract with a Houston company.

Once in Houston, Wagner said, the tow operators will deliver the bottled water, then spend two weeks on the ground, removing disabled vehicles and securing them in lots for the insurance companies.

Wagner figures that each of his rollbacks can carry seven to eight pallets of bottled water, so he’s encouraging Dunelanders to be generous and donate as many cases as they can stuff in their vehicles.



Posted 8/31/2017




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