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Help Chesterton Methodists provide relief to victims of hurricanes

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Hurricane relief organizers are asking for flood buckets. Flood buckets are pre-assembled kits for caring for homes and items damaged by flooding.

Chesterton United Methodist Church will be putting together cleaning kit flood buckets on Sunday, September 17, that will be sent to the areas of Texas and Florida devastated by the recent hurricanes.

All in the community are invited to provide donations for those returning to flood damaged homes and businesses.

These buckets are given at no charge to anyone who has need. The buckets will go to Sager Brown, Louisiana, for distribution. From there they are shipped to many smaller distribution centers (mostly churches) throughout all areas where there is need. Buckets are flying off the warehouse shelves and there is a great need for more.

To help provide this desperately needed assistance, either drop off items from the list below, or make a donation for buckets at

When making a donation through UMCOR, 100% of the donation goes directly to active assistance. Administrative fees and all transportation and delivery charges are paid by the United Methodist Church. A full flood bucket costs about $65.

Donations may be dropped off at Chesterton United Methodist Church (434 S. 2nd Street) between 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday through Friday, until September 15, or at the Methodist Activity Center (135 W. Lincoln Ave.) from 5 to 7 p.m., on Monday or Tuesday, September 11 & 12.

Assembly of the kits will begin at noon on September 17 and go until all buckets are made.

Please contact the church office at 926-1478 for further information.

Flood Bucket items: All items must be new except the 5-gallon bucket*

5-Gallon bucket with resealable lid.

25 oz. or 50 oz. Liquid laundry detergent.

12-16 oz. Liquid household cleaner (No spray cleaners).

16-28 oz. bottle Dish soap.

50 Clothespins.

50 ft. or 100 ft. cotton or plastic clothesline.

Sponges (not cellulose).

33-45 gallon heavy-duty trash bags.

Handi-wipes or reusable cleaning wipes (not terry cloth).

Can air freshener.

6-14 oz. aerosol or spray pump Insect repellent spray.

Kitchen dishwashing gloves.

Cotton or leather work gloves.

Scouring pads (not SOS, Brillo, or stainless steel).

Scrub brush.

Dust masks.

*Used buckets cannot have contained any non-food grade items.


Posted 9/7/2017




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