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Hacked Facebook accounts lead to scam here

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Chesterton Police have taken the complaint of a resident who fell victim to a loan scam purportedly recommended to her by a family member via Facebook messenger.

Unknown to the victim, the family member’s Facebook account had been hacked.

According to police, on April 17 the resident received a Facebook message supposedly from her sister-in-law directing her to a website link which would assist her “in receiving free money from a federal assistance TCF program.”

“Unbeknownst” to the victim, her sister-in-law’s account had been hacked “and she was communicating with an unknown person(s),” police said.

The resident accordingly followed the link and made contact with a person who identified herself as “Cathy Reed,” the director of the program. “Cathy Reed” subsequently informed the victim that she had been “approved” by the board of directors to receive $70,000 for a “small processing fee” of $750 and needed only to purchase seven $100 eBay gift cards and one $50 card.

The resident did so but, becoming suspicious, contacted her brother this time by Facebook messenger to ask whether perhaps her sister-in-law’s account been hacked. Her brother promptly confirmed that his wife’s account indeed had been hacked and suggested that the victim forward him the codes for the cards and that he would reimburse her with cash.

The victim did forward him the codes, only to discover that her brother’s Facebook account had also been hacked.

There are no suspects at this time.


Posted 5/6/2020




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