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Five new cases in County; 3 are in nursing homes

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The Porter County Health Department was reporting this morning only five new COVID-19 cases over the last 24 hours (seven new cases on Tuesday), to bring the total so far to 1,864, up from 1,859 on Tuesday.

Of those five new cases, two have been diagnosed among the younger demographics: one in the 9-19 (268 total); and one in the 20-29 (373 total). Total in the 30-39: 279. Total in the 40-49: 278.

But three new cases have been reported in Porter County’s long-term care facilities, to bring the total to date to 116, up from 113 on Tuesday. Of those 116 cases, one is currently hospitalized, 29 have died, and 81 have recovered. Total active cases in Porter County’s long-term care facilities: six. Between June 30 and Aug. 22, the Health Department reported no new COVID-19 cases in long-term care facilities, with total cases in that period remaining unchanged at 101. Over the last 18 days, however, the Health Department has reported 15 new cases in long-term care facilities, or nearly one per day.

To date, 268 cases have been diagnosed in children or teens, or 14.4 percent of all cases (14.4 percent on Tuesday). On July 7, only 39 children or teens had been diagnosed of the 765 total cases at the time: or 5.1 percent.

Meanwhile, five patients are currently hospitalized, down from eight on Tuesday. Total active cases in Porter County: 137, down from 251 on Tuesday.

No additional deaths from COVID-19 were reported this morning. To date, 45 Porter County residents have succumbed to COVID-19. Ten have been Dunelanders: eight, Westchester Township residents; two, Liberty Township residents. Eighteen Portage Township residents have died; 16 Center Township residents; and one Union Township resident. Twenty-nine of the 45--or 64 percent--were residents of long-term care facilities. Deaths by demographic: six in the 50-59; four in the 60-69; 11 in the 70-79; 12 in the 80-89; and 12 in the 90-and-over.

Duneland cases by township:

-- Westchester: 202 cases (201 cases on Tuesday). Twenty active cases.

-- Liberty: 99 cases (unchanged from Tuesday). Twelve active cases.

-- Jackson: 28 cases (unchanged from Tuesday). Four active cases.

-- Pine: 11 cases (unchanged from Tuesday). No active cases.

Other townships:

-- Portage: 652 cases (651 on Tuesday). Twenty-eight active cases.

-- Center: 523 cases (521 on Tuesday). Thirty-eight active cases. Center Township’s total includes Valparaiso University students.

-- Washington: 89 cases (unchanged from Tuesday). Ten active cases. Washington Township’s total includes Porter County Jail inmates.

-- Union: 101 cases (100 on Tuesday). Ten active cases.

State reports 720 cases 17 deaths

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) was reporting this morning 720 new cases of COVID-19 over the last 24 hours (394 new cases on Tuesday), to bring the total so far to 101,485, up from 100,780 on Tuesday.

ISDH was also reporting 17 additional COVID-19 deaths over the last 24 hours (12 additional deaths on Tuesday), to bring the total to date to 3,410, up from 3,393 on Tuesday.

Marion County was reporting today 19,387 cases (19,307 on Tuesday) and 752 deaths (750), the most in the state in both categories. Lake County was reporting 9,601 cases (9,567) and 301 deaths (299), the second most in the state in both categories. LaPorte County was reporting 1,254 cases (1,250) and 37 deaths (37).

The total COVID-19 death count includes both confirmed and presumptive deaths to date. Presumptive deaths are those for which x-ray, scans, and clinical symptoms all point to COVID-19 but for which no positive test is on record. A total of 224 presumptive deaths was reported today, unchanged from Tuesday.



Posted 9/9/2020




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