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County C-19 cases near 400; hospitalizations up

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The Porter County Health Department was reporting this morning seven new cases of COVID-19 in the county over the last 24 hours, to bring the total so far to 374, up from 367 on Tuesday, an increase of 1.9 percent.

Twenty-one of those patients are currently hospitalized, compared to 17 on Tuesday; while 228 have recovered, up from 221 on Tuesday, an increase of 3.2 percent.

No new deaths were reported today.

To date 13 Porter County residents have died of COVID-19. Of those, five were Dunelanders: four Westchester Township residents, two in the 70-79 demographic and two in the 80-89. A Liberty Township resident in the 80-89 has died as well.

Portage Township has seen seven of its residents die from COVID-19: three in the 50-59 demographic, one in the 70-79; one in the 80-89; and two in the 90-and-over.

One victim was a Center Township resident in the 70-79.

Eight of the victims were men. Five were women. Deaths by demographic: four in the 50-59; three in the 70-79; four in the 80-89; and two in the 90-and-over.

Total active cases in Porter County, after subtracting recoveries and deaths: 133, unchanged from Monday.

Total COVID-19 tests conducted in Porter County as of Tuesday, according to the Indiana State Department of Health: 2,610, up from 2,487 on Monday, an increase of 4.9 percent over the last 24 hours.

Duneland cases by township:

-- Westchester: 31 cases (29 cases on Tuesday), four deaths (four), one hospitalization (one), 17 recoveries (17). Ten active cases.

-- Liberty: 18 cases (17 on Tuesday), one death (one), no hospitalizations (none), 11 recoveries (11). Six active cases.

-- Jackson: one case, one recovery.

-- Pine: three cases, no hospitalizations, one recovery (unchanged from Tuesday). Two active cases.

Other hard hit townships:

-- Portage Township: 163 cases (162 on Tuesday), seven deaths (seven), seven hospitalizations (seven), and 90 recoveries (89).

-- Center: 70 cases (66 on Tuesday), one death (one), 11 hospitalizations (seven), and 34 recoveries (33).

-- Washington: 46 cases (45 on Tuesday), no hospitalizations (none), and 39 recoveries (35). These 46 cases include the 40 patients at Porter County Jail.

-- Union: 18 cases (18 on Tuesdaty), two hospitalization (two), and 14 recoveries (14)




Posted 5/13/2020




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