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Chesterton United Methodist Women in the Red Zone to Stop Human Trafficking

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Chesterton United Methodist Women are standing in the Red Zone this Sunday to Stop Human Trafficking.

In football, the area between the defender's 20-yard line and the goal line is referred to as the “red zone”. Intense strategies are used by defensive players in this critical part of the field.

United Methodist Women have joined together to defend victims of human trafficking, to stop forward progress and intercept the traffickers.

Superbowl Sunday provides an opportunity for human traffickers to easily get away with their crimes of kidnapping, smuggling, selling women and children for sex and labor. Due to the large crowds and the party-like atmosphere it is easier to escape the eye of law enforcement.

So, everyone is asked to be alert to the signs of human trafficking which include: someone who displays unusually fearful or anxious behavior, appears malnourished, shows signs of physical abuse, and is not free to come and go as they wish.

More information on efforts to recognize and end human trafficking can be found at Click on Red Zone and follow the Intercept Human Trafficking link.

To report potential human trafficking call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 888-373- 7888, or the Chesterton Police Department at 219-926-1136.


Posted 2/1/2018




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