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Excise Police reminds college students of perils of underage drinking on campus

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As Indiana's college students return to campus for the start of the fall semester, Indiana State Excise Police (ISEP) officers are committed to promoting public safety by enforcing the state's alcohol laws.

“Excise officers are intently focused on violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Code, particularly underage possession and consumption of alcohol, adults providing alcohol to minors, possession and use of false IDs and related crimes like drunk driving,” the ISEP said in a statement released last week. “If you choose to violate the law, you can face arrest, citation, or a disciplinary referral at your college or university. Choosing to engage in illegal activities can also affect future job prospects and some scholarships.”

“Dangerous drinking behaviors like underage drinking and binge drinking can sometimes have disastrous results,” ISEP noted. “Excise officers are committed to reducing tragedies associated with underage drinking and excessive alcohol consumption.”

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health identified some of the consequences of underage drinking in college: missed classes and lower grades, injuries, sexual assaults, overdoses, memory blackouts, changes in brain function, lingering cognitive deficits and death.

Indiana’s Lifeline Law does provide immunity for the crimes of public intoxication, minor possession, minor consumption, and minor transporting alcohol to persons who reveal themselves to law enforcement while seeking medical assistance for a person suffering from an alcohol-related health emergency.

If someone appears to be in need of medical attention, call 911 immediately.

Then stay with the person needing help, since you may be able to provide valuable information to emergency responders.

As the enforcement division of the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, the primary mission of the Indiana State Excise Police is to promote public safety by enforcing Indiana's Alcoholic Beverage Code. While excise officers have the authority to enforce any state law, they focus primarily on alcohol, tobacco and related laws.


Posted 8/25/2014